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Are you like me and want to know what every wanna-be online entrepreneur is reading??

The Rich Jerk

So, Maybe you're interested in something other than dropshipping??

Combines the Powers of Google and ClickBank, a pretty interesting and worthwhile read that I recommend.

What Product to Sell??

Want to dropship using your online store?? You better know what products to sell

"What Products to Sell??"
DROPSHIPMAN - Subscriber of Worldwide Brands, Inc.,
creators of The Drop Ship Source Directory

Everyone and their grandmas who have visions of making millions on the internet want to know what product to sell.  This is of course due to over 1 billion day-to-day Internet users swarming the Internet starting in 2006.

Choosing the right product to either physically stock or drop ship to your customers can be a time consuming task to accomplish.  This is because there are so many opportunities in terms of what products to sell to your customers online.  Let me tell you a little bit about what I did, and I think it will help you immensely.

When I started out online, I wanted to find a reliable, trustworthy way to make a decent second income.  I wasn’t chasing the “Get Rick Quick” ideas, because they don’t work and most of them are about reselling the same ideas anyway.  I wanted to sell products online, but I didn’t want to fool with packaging or paying huge, mandatory fees to stock my garage full of inventory.

I research the concept called dropshipping, which wholesale suppliers send out products for you to your customers with your business name on the package.  All you do is send one email, pay for the item using your suppliers wholesale price, and reap the profits.  This is truly a next generation, mind-blowing concept that many people don’t know about yet.  The hard part is finding the right product to sell.

Now, in terms of finding products to sell, this is of course the goal of this article.  I searched everywhere on the Internet looking for someone to point me in the right direction to finding products to sell.  I found WorldWide Brands, Inc. a few years ago and subscribed to their drop ship source directory.  What I found changed my life.

The Drop Ship Source Directory contains over one million products and thousands of wholesale drop ship suppliers you can use in any of your online resale businesses.  It was almost too much information at first for me to process.  You can search their drop ship directory either by searching for particular products to sell or you can perform a supplier specific search.

What happens after that is this:  You send an email to the drop ship suppliers of the product of your choosing and tell them you want to setup a wholesale distributor account.  Once you get verified by them, they (the distributors) give you access to all information concerning their products.  Basically, you get to cut and paste all product images and descriptions from their website and place it on your own.  Cut and Paste!! Do you have any idea how easy this is?  You could be starting your very own EBay Store within minutes. 

Well, after considerable research and thought, I chose my first supplier and setup my distributor account with them.  The first I did was setup my EBay Store and I started cutting and pasting my distributors product descriptions and images.  Depending on how many products you choose to sell, this can take anywhere from minutes to a few days.  Of course, everything depends on the time and effort you want to put into it.

The big reason why I recommend Chris Malta and his Drop Ship Source Directory is because of the continual updating and research of the Directory.  Their job is to constantly research what products to sell on the Internet and find relevant dropshippers on the Internet. After verification, they list that dropshipper on their directory and from there; you come in and use them.  One great thing about Worldwide Brands is that you can suggest to them a given product line and they’ll research suppliers online and let you know if they find a drop shipper for you.

The method of Dropshipping changed my life.  There was no way I was going to stock inventory in a warehouse or my garage, because it’s just so much easier dropshipping when finding what product to sell.


Dropshipping Expert  - What Product To Sell

Subscriber of WorldWide Brands, Inc.



You’re wondering right now.

  1. “Is there legitimate information out there about how to dropship products from Manufacturers directly to the doors of my customers??”
  2. Is there a way to find unique products that everyone and their grandma doesn’t sell on the Internet??
  3. Are there websites out there that don’t charge a ridiculous membership fee in order to sell THEIR PRODUCTS??
  4. Is there a step-by-step guide on how to setup legitimate dropship agreements with manufacturers??

Good thing you stopped here because I’ll tell you the answers to all of these questions and lead you in the right direction. Let me tell you now that this is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme.” PERIOD!! End of story, if you’re looking for one of those schemes just take your money to the nearest casino and hope for the best there, because folks, Get-Rich-Quick Schemes don’t ever work. Here, I’ll tell you exactly how to setup a dropship account with a manufacturer of your choosing, and then point you to the places you’ll need to go in order to setup a legitimate, legal business.

About me: I currently own a legitimate LLC – Limited Liability Company that I use to operate two online dropshipping businesses in which I sell products that I never see, ship, or even touch. I market them online through Ebay and a website, and then when a customer buys one of my products, I send two emails to my dropshipper, he then sends the product to the door of my customer. Pretty Amazing don’t you think???



    These are a few of the things that I have used and I fully recommend.
    1. The Dropship Source Directory
      This Free Ebook offered by WorldWide Brands really started off everything for me. If you are really serious about starting an online business, take a few hours and read this entire book!!
      Image hosted by Testimonial:
      Chris, Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your e-book to help guys like me get up on the net. I have not found anything like it anywhere. It is a great resource!

      Thanks much, Gary Schaeffer

    2. The Rich Jerk
      No doubt one of the hottest websites on the Internet right now in terms of people trying to find legitimate online money-making information. This guy claims that he's a jerk and makes a ton of money on the Internet being lazy. I didn't believe it either until I saw his online posted earnings statements.

      Once again, thank you for visiting my site. I am here to tell you about my experience with online dropshipping businesses and finding the right products to sell.

      There are many ways you can make money online, and there are many ways scam-artists will take your money. I have two online businesses in which I market a product that I never see, forward customer questions to the manufacturer, never package, and just send two emails.

      Click Here to Contact Me anytime about anything related to setting up your online business, dropshipping information and questions, affiliate programs, or if you just want to chat.